Monday, December 14, 2009

Bachelor's programmes

Tilburg University offers twenty Bachelor's programmes taught in Dutch. More information on these programmes and admission requirements for international students can be found here.
More and more secondary school graduates from all over the world discover that doing an undergraduate programme at Tilburg University is an excellent first step towards an international career. Currently, more that 65 nationalities are represented at our campus.
Tilburg University is eager to offer challenges to students who want to get the most out of themselves and their student days. The regular study programmes at Tilburg University certainly offer ample opportunity to do this, but for those students who feel ready to take on an extra challenge beyond their regular course of study, Tilburg University has a number of interesting possibilities.
First of all, there is the Honours Programme: a supplementary programme consisting of eight courses, four of which must be chosen by each participant to qualify for the Tilburg University Honours Certificate which is included with the Bachelor's degree.
Secondly, Tilburg University participates with the Venice International University, in a consortium of five European and five non-European universities, which together offer full semester programmes in Humanities and Social Sciences on the island of San Servolo, which affords an excellent view of St Mark's Square in Venice. Each semester Tilburg University is entitled to send a selection of up to twenty of its best students to take part in this prestigious international programme.
Although Tilburg University cherishes its most ambitious students, we realise that it is in their interests to seriously consider, continuing their studies at another internationally-oriented university elsewhere in the world after the successful completion of their Bachelor's programme. To financially facilitate our best students in doing so, Tilburg University awards a number of Excellence Scholarships each year.
For students to participate in one or more of these 'extras', performance during the course of study in the Bachelor's programme is decisive. These opportunities have been created because of our conviction that excellence is not the sole domain for 'nerds', but that striving for excellence is the raison d'ĂȘtre of a university. Therefore, we ask each of you to excel. Tilburg University is ready to reward your efforts!

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