Monday, December 14, 2009

Masters Programmes and Research

HAN Masters Programmes
For professionals taking the next step in their career, as well as for businesses and institutions. At the HAN Masters Programmes we bring together all our innovation- and knowledge development-related activities. We create a platform for people and organizations who value ‘lifelong continuing education’.
The HAN offers a wide selection of accredited Masters Programmes for professionals looking to develop their careers. A Masters degree can deepen or broaden your level of knowledge in a particular field, and enhance your research and management skills.
Master in Control Systems Engineering (English programme)
Master in Information Systems Development (English programme)
Master in Molecular Life Sciences (English programme)
Master of Automotive Engineering (English programme)
Master of Automotive Systems (English programme)
Master of International Business (English programme)
Master of Telecommunication Management (English programme)
New: Master of Automotive Systems
The Master’s programme prepares Bachelors graduates in Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering for specific development and design positions, providing them with a good theoretical basis and teaching them practical techniques and skills.
Personal scholarships can be obtained from various organisations. See the list 'Scholarships' on the right for more information.
Continual renewal and improvement is important for the development of companies and institutions. As an academic institution, the HAN can contribute in the area of innovation. The HAN has a number of professorships in various areas of expertise. The professorships research actual problems experienced in the field and develop practical solutions together with industry.
Master Classes
The HAN organises Creative Master Classes to help drive inspiration in professionals, businesses and institutions. Internationally renowned speakers are on-hand to give readings, master classes and seminars around the topic ‘economics and creativity’.
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