Monday, December 14, 2009

PhD programmes

In most countries a doctoral candidate is considered to be a student who studies. But in the Netherlands, PhD candidates are usually hired researchers who are employed by a university to complete a dissertation or thesis. This system is currently changing, so there are several ways to earn a PhD at Maastricht University. You can apply for a vacant position, apply as a non-resident doctoral candidate or apply to a PhD training programme. PhD positionsPhD positions are paid employment positions within the university, with research conducted in conjunction with a faculty, research institute or research school. Many students find PhD positions through research intensive master’s programmes at Maastricht University. Potential candidates can contact individual faculties to ask about PhD opportunities within a given programme. You must qualify for employment in the Netherlands to apply for PhD positions. The most up to date list of PhD positions currently available at Maastricht University and throughout the Netherlands is available at the Academic Transfer website.Non-residential doctoral candidatesNon-resident doctoral candidates support themselves financially while pursuing PhD studies. Potential non-resident candidates can contact the faculty at which they would like to obtain a PhD, either directly or through the Centre for Contract Research. Information about ongoing research at Maastricht University can also be found via our research institutes and schools. PhD training programmesPhD training programmes are offered through Maastricht University’s graduate schools, research institutes and research schools. These programmes also include a number of courses that PhD candidates can take both as a part of their training programmes and as optional short courses. More information is available on the website of each of the PhD training programmes.
sources : Maastricht University

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