Monday, December 14, 2009

University of Groningen Honours College - Netherlands

Start Honours College
The Honours College of the University of Groningen will start in September 2009 and is intended for bachelorstudents who start their studies in September 2009.
Aim of the Honours College
The Honours College will give talented, motivated students the chance to be challenged even more by following Honours programmes and taking part in numerous other activities. The main aim of the Honours programmes at the University of Groningen is to develop talent and initiative.
The College will teach students:
to master their discipline and exercise it at a higher level
to develop a wide view and look beyond the boundaries of their discipline
to play a prominent role within and outside their own discipline and make a significant contribution to society.
The Honours College comprises a broadening part and a deepening part and has a study load of 45 ECTS credit points besides the 180 ECTS credit points from your regular bachelor programme
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