Monday, December 14, 2009

School of Industrial Engineering

Education at the School of Industrial Engineering
The School of Industrial Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology offers two bachelor programs (Industrial Engineering and Management Science and Industrial Engineering and Management Science for Healthcare), two master programs (Innovation Management and Operations Management and Logistics), and is involved in several other education programs. Besides, staff members perform strategical-technological research that is of importance to industrial and other applications.
This concerns repairing and maintaining technical production chains for products or services; within companies and other organizations, but also within networks of organizations. Next to production and distribution, other aspects also play a role, such as design and innovation, purchasing, storage, sales, maintenance, service, marketing, performance management and communication.
The teaching and research at the School of Industrial Engineering is performed by four capacity groups: (1) HPM: Human Performance Management, (2) IS: Information Systems, (3) OPAC: Operations, Planning, Accounting, and Control en (4) ITEM: Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. Read more about:

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