Monday, December 14, 2009

Teacher Education Netherlands

The University Centre for Learning and Teaching services the Educational Master’s degree programmes for the University of Groningen. Here university graduates in subject related courses can obtain their additional teacher’s licence. This website contains information about the educational programmes.
Educational Master
The Educational Master’s degree programmes of the University of Groningen prepare students to become fully qualified teachers in schools for secondary education. The main field of activity of fully qualified teachers is upper secondary education at the level of pre-higher education. To enter an Educational Master’s degree programme, students must have obtained a Research University’s Bachelor’s degree in the subject they wish to teach.
These Educational Master’s degree programmes are only available in Dutch. Please visit our pages for (prosepective) International students
Educational Master: Jomite
Starting from academic year 2010/2011 the University Centre for Learning and Teaching also offers students the possibility to participate in an international master programme that is offered together with eight European partner universities. Students within this program will do 30 ECTS at their home university and 30 ECTS at partner universities in two different countries. Foreign students from these partner universities can do part of their teacher education in Groningen. For Dutch students, the European Educational Master programme leads to obtaining a fully Dutch qualified teacher’s degree for secondary education, in the field the student is educated in at Research University level.
Information for prospective international students
Educational Minor
From academic year 2009/2010 the University Centre for Learning and Teaching also services Educational Minor programmes. The Educational Minor is a six months training that, combined with a bachelor’s degree in a subject, leads to obtaining a teacher’s licence for lower secondary professional education and the first three years of secondary school at the level of pre-higher education.

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