Monday, December 14, 2009

Master in Management Netherlands

If you are looking for a challenging and exciting career in business and you have a results-driven, hands-on approach and an entrepreneurial attitude, the Nyenrode Master in Management (MSc) could be just the program for you.
In 16 months the program will prepare you to become an outstanding entrepreneurial manager in any business environment. Entrepreneurs primarily lead from their hearts and gettheir hands dirty, while managers mostly use their head. Nyenrode’s Master in Management teaches you to be an entrepreneurial manager who uses all three: head, heart andhands.
Five critical components of the Master in ManagementIn the Nyenrode program, our emphasis is on much more than merely academicschooling. Contrary to what most ‘regular’ universities seem to think, we at Nyenrode feelknowledge is simply not enough. At Nyenrode we think that a good manager isn't just someonewith knowledge of the right theory. Top level executives combine the knowledge and skillsnecessary to identify, analyze and react to the right business opportunities.
Therefore, we believe that there are five critical components for the education, training anddevelopment of our students. An intensive academic program to ensure students are familiarwith the latest business theory, a strong focus on practical skills, personal development, the Nyenrode network and an international outlook to ensure you will excel in any organizationanywhere around the globe. Based on these five components our Master in Management programwill provide you with.

Sources : Nyenrode Business Universiteit

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